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    I was cleaning out my emails recently when I came across several from folks asking me to look up numbers and interpret dreams based on “The H.P. Dream Book” of numbers. I don’t believe much in dreams, so the emails amused me.

    I wrote about Prof. Uriah Konje’s book about three years ago after finding it at auction, along with a pamphlet distributed by the Quaker City Insurance Co. that offered dream interpretations. I’ve been getting emails ever since about Konje’s 1927 guide.

    I have relatives who play the numbers – lottery and otherwise – so there must be a lot of people like them everywhere. My sister thinks nothing of getting into her car and driving to the nearest 7-Eleven or other unnamed store to play hers.

    dream book of numbers

    A dream book of numbers (left) and a guide for interpreting dreams. I bought both three years ago at auction.

    I only play Powerball and Mega Millions when the troughs get into the two-digit millions, never expecting to win anything.

    I don’t answer dream-book requests because the books are very easy to find and buy – either at your corner store or online for 5 bucks or so. I suspect that the numbers in all of the books are the same.

    For today’s readers’ questions, though, I’m sharing some of the emails that made me laugh. With tongue-in-cheek, I’m also answering them for one time only. If you take this stuff seriously, I’m sorry if I offend you, but I believe you make your own fortune (at least most of the time).

    I suggest that readers not bet the mortgage or gas bill on these numbers. I can’t vouch for whether they’ll win a few bucks or nothing at all. The numbers guide by Herbert Gladstone Parris, an alias for Prof. Konje, is only a book; it can’t work magic.

    dream book of numbers

    Numbers and meanings for a dream about a big fat scurrying rat. Photo from museumofthecity.org.


    I have dreamed of rats now. I have dreamt of rats before but the other night I dreamt of the biggest largest rat that I have ever seen before in my life. (It didn’t) try to hurt me or bother me. It just scurried about the floor like it was in a race to get to the other side. I don’t know what that means but I do know this: If I can dream about a large rat and still remember it days later it is surely a sign. Can you help me determine what it means?


    Are you sure you were dreaming? Did you check to make sure one hadn’t slipped into your house?

    If it was actually a dream, I’m sorry, but I don’t interpret dreams (don’t fortune-tellers do that?). So I have no idea what it means. But if you’re looking for a number to play, I consulted Prof. Konje’s book and the number is 327. (If it were a mouse, the number would be 215). I can’t vouch for whether the number will win you a few bucks or not. This is only a book of numbers. There are no guarantees.

    I also consulted the Quaker City pamphlet, and it had a listing for mice (not rats) – but it didn’t have them running a race:

    Dream of mice in general: You will have domestic troubles and be confronted with insincere friends.

    Kill mice: You will conquer your enemies.

    Mice in your clothing (Ugh!!): You will be involved in a scandal.

    As for the race, and if it were you and not the rat, it meant that “others are aspiring to the things you are working to possess.” If you win the race, you will overcome your opponents.

    dream book of numbers

    Numbers and meanings for a dream about money. Photo from Tracey O's photostream on flickr.com.


    I need to know the number for money. Can you help me?


    I wish I had a magic number for money; I’d certainly be playing the lottery much more often. Prof. Konje, however, gives the number as 756. Again, I can’t vouch for whether the number will win you a few bucks or not. This is only a book of numbers. There are no guarantees.

    Quaker City offered these interpretations:

    Finding money: You will have small worries but much happiness.

    Pay out money: You will experience misfortune.

    Lose money: You will have unhappy hours.

    Steal money: You are in danger.

    Save money: You will have wealth and comfort.

    The last one sounds like plain common sense.

    dream book of numbers

    Numbers and meanings for a dream about water. Photo from sharethesepictures.blogspot.com.


    I had a dream about water. They tell me the interpretation of it. It means new life or rebirth. Maybe even a fortune is coming. Would you be able to tell me what water play for in the 3 and 4 digit lotto?


    I have no idea whatsoever, since I don’t play the lottos. But Prof. Konje’s number for water is 365. And again, I can’t vouch for whether the number will win you a few bucks or not. This is only a book of numbers. There are no guarantees.

    From the Quaker City pamphlet:

    Clear water: You will realize prosperity and pleasure.

    Muddy water: You will be in danger, and gloom will replace pleasure.

    To sport with water (I’m not sure what that means. Engage in sports?): You will have a sudden awakening to love and passion.



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