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    Auction Finds

    Fake pin-up girl get-well card & address book

    Lillian wanted to make certain Ricke knew that this card with the pin-up girls was not her choice: “This was Irvs idea,” she wrote.

    Looking at the card, I understood why she disavowed it – although with tongue-in-cheek. It was an unusual get -well card, like none I’d seen before at auction. The front of the card was most telling: It had a drawing of a blonde woman in a slinky gown and high heels looking provocatively out at the man who received the card. With that image, one quickly knew what was coming up on the pages.

    pin-up girl get well card/address book
    The saucy bright red color and the woman in a tight dress are very telling of the contents of this fake get-well card.

    Inside were other pin-up girls – who were even less clothed – identified with verses like any other card but with a difference. They had made-up names, addresses and phone numbers, along with short sexy verses about their distinct qualities.

    pin-up girl get well card/address book
    Entries for Selma Score (left) and Suzy Sizzler inside the get well card/address book.

    Like Selma Score:

    “And if you like the silent type

    Look in on Selma Score

    She speaks one word while being kissed

    And that one word is More!”

    pin-up girl get well card/address book
    Entries for Daisy Dough (left) and Lil A. Fekshun inside the get well card/address book.

    Or Daisy Dough:

    “You’ll either freeze or melt with ease

    When you’re with Daisy Dough

    ‘Cause her momma is Brazilian

    And her pop’s an Eskimo!”

    pin-up girl get well card/address book
    The first two pages explain the get-well card/address book.

    Or Lil A. Fekshun (whose name was crossed out because she was too busy):

    “I’ll never go to heaven

    Says this honey, Lil A. Fekshun

    But I sure have fun while going

    In the opposite direction!”

    I won’t even mention the verse for the pin-up girl named “Ida Ho.”

    The last page of the card was signed Lillian & Irv, and she offered another message from poor Irv: “Irv says this book will help straighten you out – or else.”

    The card had no date on it, but I can assume that was sent in the 1940s when pin-up girls were common and accepted. During World War II, white soldiers hung up photos of Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth in their lockers, while black soldiers posted Lena Horne. One of the first modern pin-up girls was said to be the Gibson Girl starting at the end of the 19th century.

    pin-up girl get well card/address book
    The last two pages of the get-well card/address book, with a notation from Lillian at the bottom right.

    That was then. I figured that pin-ups were an anachronism now, especially since we women have fought so hard to become more than just our bodies. I know the cards were made for folks to have a little fun, but they still are so distasteful that I assumed it would be hard to find them now.

    So, I Googled to see if I was right or wrong. I was wrong. I even found the auction card on the web. It had sold for $12.50 on one site, and an online bookstore was selling it for $40.

    Other retail sites had get-well cards for sale featuring scantily dressed women. They were single cards – unlike the 12-page card at auction – but the message was the same.

    I guess we as a nation are still recovering from our illness, too.


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